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Building projects are complicated and expensive. Things must be done right the first time.

Construction projects are typically one-off items with inherent risks. Eliminating these risks, such as cost blow-outs and other unwanted surprises, requires project management tools in the delivery of these projects.

Project management on every project

Our Director Mark Gerstl brings to Proteus Architects design flair as well as business acumen in the strategically crucial area of project management. The formal qualifications in Architecture as well as a Master of Project Management enables Proteus to employ seamless and risk averse strategies to every project.

In construction, Project Management requires the use of critical knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in the successful delivery of Client outcomes. The componentry that comprises project management including initiating the project, planning, executing, controlling & monitoring, and the completion stage are integrated with the knowledge areas (cost, time and quality management among others) to ensure stated outcomes are reached.

Our scope of works for any project management role is always tailored to suit the individual project. This inherent flexibility of our approach means that skills that are adapted for any project may also be altered to suit the particular project in its socio-political and environmental context.

Project control

Controlling a project is critical to its success. And control is required in three important areas - the benchmarks of success - quality, cost and time. At Proteus Architects, these items are under control whether it be by our detailed brief (quality), controlling costs during design as well as during construction or our detailed project programming skills (time). Each project is unique and our delivery system is tailored to suit.

Risk minimisation

Construction projects are one-off items vastly different from consumer items such as computers, clothing or cars. In fact, building a house or a commercial project requires vast amounts of money and needs to be done right the first time. Non-standardisation of building components means that minimising risks is fundamental to the success of a project. At Proteus, we identify these risks and set out to reduce or ideally eliminate these risks where required to ensure every project we work on is a success.

Examples of dedicated Project Management roles

While most of our projects in our architecture page had project management roles, the projects on this page have received dedicated project management without architecture services.

Dunc Gray Velodrome, Sydney Olympics

We delivered the Dunc Gray Velodrome under budget for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Managed by Mark Gerstl on behalf of the Olympic Coordination Authority, it was delivered to exceptional quality standards, under budget and on time.

Volvo Ocean Race, Sydney Stopover

Part of a round-the-world yacht race sponsored by multi-nationals, it was located at Darling Harbour. Building works involved a temporary race village with hospitality marquees, live sites, retail outlets + bars. Highly successful, on time and under budget.

321 Pitt Street, Sydney

3-stage commercial tenancy project in the heart of the city required strict project auditing. This involved reporting to a major bank who was the major financier. A demanding and atypical project that supplements the skills of observing and conciliation.

Other project management roles...

  • Olympic overlay works for the Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre
  • Tribune Procurement, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games - all venues
  • Tender auditing for Commonwealth Place, Canberra

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