Tailoring our services to you

Whether it is the design of alterations to an existing house or a large new commercial project, our core business is in the delivery of architecture and project management.

So our work methodology is not only flexible but also tailored to suit each project. We employ the latest in 3-D technology with green and environmentally sustainable design (ESD) principles to each and every project.

By fusing these skills with our design and project management capabilities, it creates an environment to optimise the outcome of every project.

3d design

Proteus Architects employ the latest in 3-D technology. We were one of the first firms in the world to utilise Revit 3d design software and are considered to be the leaders in this BIM package. All projects are completed with this software.

Our 3-D technology allow clients to experience the building before it is built, allowing tweaking of any design features - and importantly before it costs substantial money to do so on site.

The software we use also allows projects to be staged - to undertale construction work at different times. And this can be seen all at the click of a mouse.

Sustainability + Green Design

Green design not only saves the environment, but also saves you money in the long run by employing smart design principles that utilise the features of the environment in which the project is situated. Proteus Architects incorporates leading sustainable strategies in our designs to ensure our clients receive economical, green and sustainable features in every project.

Types of Work

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